Healthcare Marketing Consulting

Professional Guidance and Creative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Professional Guidance and Creative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Professional Guidance and Creative Solutions for the Healthcare IndustryProfessional Guidance and Creative Solutions for the Healthcare IndustryProfessional Guidance and Creative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Providing Hands-On Consulting with Real World Experience

Providing Strategic Marketing Services

Does This Describe You?

Have you launched a startup healthcare business?

Are you established, but interested 

in growth?

Are you experiencing competitive challenges?

Are you finding it difficult to connect with decision makers?

Do you need to cultivate professional relationships? 

Do You Need a Marketer?

Let's Get You BACK ON TRACK 


effective marketing consulting strategies & coaching


Whether you are launching a start-up,  managing an established company interested in becoming more profitable, or trying to stay ahead of your competition, you probably have concerns and challenges that led you here.  

My goal is to understand those concerns and challenges and create a personal, strategic marketing and business development program that will help grow your business. 

I Can Help You:

  • Launch your Start-Up
  • Identify the "gaps"
  • Strengthen your referral sources
  • Improve your reputation
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Provide introductions
  • Create and implement creative marketing strategies
  • Help you understand your competitors and market threats
  • Create a strategic marketing plan aimed at achieving results
  • Identify opportunities
  • Design marketing collateral
  • Help you expand into new markets
  • Strengthen your company's culture
  • Train your staff in the best way to sell and market your brand
  • Represent your business at events to develop contacts and business
  • Create CEU classes and workshops to attract referral sources


When I work with you as a marketing consultant, I like for you to think of me as a partner. We will sit down together and have a good discussion on what is going well, and what isn't.  What worked in the past for you, and what didn't.  I will review your practices, help you create an effective strategy, and work personally hands on with you and your team until you succeed and start receiving referrals.

  • I will train you in the best practices for effectively selling and marketing in this specific industry. 

  • I will coach and support you in feeling more comfortable and confident in selling and business development.  

  • I will teach you how to strategically compete in the senior housing and healthcare industry.  


Each client has different, specific needs, so it depends on what the problem is, and what they need to succeed.  

My typical client is one who is either in a start up mode or established and either under performing or looking to expand. They need a skilled healthcare marketing consultant  to help them understand where they need to focus and to provide the introductions necessary to jump start their growth. 

Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Healthcare Marketing Consultant



Marketing and selling in the healthcare and senior housing industry is challenging, and requires both sales expertise and compassion.  You need someone who has spent time "in the trenches" and understands this very specific industry.  

Business Development is an important part of marketing in this industry, and is all about the relationships you form and nurture.  Strategic partnerships are critical when redeveloping, growing or expanding your business.  

Throughout my career, I've developed strong relationships with professionals in the industry, providing healthcare and senior living consulting. Many of these people do not work in offices or are difficult for the average business owner or marketer to reach. 

Understanding marketing strategies and how they all tie into this industry is also crucial to the success of a company.  I can help you think creatively, in ways you may never have considered.