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Creative Marketing Strategies for the Senior Living Industry

Healthcare and Senior Living Marketing Specialist

Senior Living Renaissance is a Long Island Consulting agency helping healthcare and senior living companies with their social media presence, business development and marketing strategies to create partnerships and get referrals.  

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Senior Living Marketing and Healthcare Consulting


Whether you’re a start-up trying to launch, or an established business interested in becoming more profitable and competitive, I will develop your identity so you are memorable. I get to know who your customers and clients are,  how to differentiate your brand, and get it noticed so you start receiving referrals. 


Running a current special, promotion or event?  I will help promote your current specials, promotions or upcoming presentations and workshops to your healthcare, medical and senior living clients and customers, using a mix of outreach and social media. 


Have you opened a new medical practice or community location, redeveloped your company or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself.  Through a mix of business development techniques, I will help get that information out there for you. 


I share your stories and news in a way that makes others want to share them, too. I can train you to represent yourself to your online audience clients and customers. Ultimately, I help sharpen your public image in order to speak clearly to caregivers and clients and earn their respect. 


Many new owners or even marketers don't understand the specifics of the healthcare or senior living industry. It is a very tight knit industry based on trust, and if they don't know you, it's going to be hard getting in to speak about your service.  I provide a sales training course geared specifically for the healthcare and senior housing industry, to help you and your team understand how best to sell and market to this industry.  Some of the topics I touch on include: industry and event networking, business development, body language, getting past the gatekeeper, best ways to use social media and more.   Get ready to rock those sunglasses.


Today’s successful brands are the ones having personal connections and conversations with their consumers and referral sources. I help you establish, grow and manage communities on social media – from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn,  and Instagram – and engage followers with meaningful content. In essence, I help build relationships and increase brand loyalty. I can even create blog posts for you. The result?  Exposure and referrals. 


To get noticed, you need to do things differently!  I will help you develop a strategic marketing plan, conduct scheduled outreach activities on your behalf, or with you or your marketer, provide mutually beneficial professional introductions in the senior living industry, help you create mutually beneficial referral relationships immediately and teach you creative tips and techniques that will help you effectively market your business.  



The best way to reach your referral audience and make new healthcare connections is to bring them all together in one space for an educational event, like a workshop or educational seminar.  I will research and book industry trade shows, order promotional materials and attend show to market your business, create and host CEU classes for social workers and discharge planners and introduce you to key influencers and referral sources at these events. 


People do business with people they like.  And in this business, who you know is crucial to your success. No more spending endless days doing outreach and dropping off brochures, hoping someone will see them. 

I will recommend key healthcare and senior living industry groups that will broaden your referral base, and provide personal introductions and meetings to your targeted sources, creating meaningful, mutually beneficial referral relationships from the start.  I will also show you how to network, and bring you to or recommend events where you will be in front of the key influencers. 


Q. What type of companies do you work with?

A. I work with anyone who is in the senior living industry, or wants to do business with them. I have worked with home care agencies, therapy groups, private physicians, non-profits, assisted living communities and attorneys, to name a few.  I also work with non-healthcare companies.  

Q. What are the benefits of working with you?

A.  Good question!  I am a Marketing Specialist specifically for this industry, and provide the "Personal Touch".  Because I work with only one company type at a time, there is no concern about dividing my time between you and your competitors. You get my sole attention and I will help you compete effectively.  I work closely with you, one on one, and am always just a call , text or email away! And unlike larger firms, I don't charge extra for those calls, texts or emails. 

Q. Do you employ staff?

A.  When you work with me, you get me.  My feeling is that if I outsource, I cannot oversee the level of service I demand for my clients, so I personally do everything myself.  For this reason, I keep my client list small so that I can provide the personal service they all deserve. 

More questions? Give me a call or drop me a line on my contact page.   

Effective, creative sales strategies that work


Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Senior Living Marketing Specialist


Smaller healthcare and senior living communities can run into the same problems as larger companies, such as launching their start up or newly acquired community, competitor challenges, few referral sources and other marketing challenges.  Often, these owners try to fix the problems themselves, while trying to run their business. If they don't understand how this industry works, they are usually unsuccessful in marketing properly.

Whether you are launching a start-up, managing an established company interested in becoming more profitable, or trying to stay ahead of your competition, you probably have concerns and challenges that led you here.   

My goal is to understand your concerns and challenges and create a personal, strategic marketing and business development and social media program that will help grow your business.  One that will make your competitors' heads turn.  

If you are located in the Long Island area and require outside business development, I will personally work with you one and one and accompany you or your team members on outreach appointments, providing introductions and organizing meetings to help you create those important relationships quickly.  And if you are not local to Long Island, I can consult with you by phone to teach you the best practices in marketing your healthcare or senior living community. I can even travel to your location to help. 

What can I help you with?  

  • Launch your Start-Up
  • Identify the "gaps"
  • Strengthen your referral sources
  • Improve your reputation
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, GMB) Page Creation and Posting
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Provide introductions
  • Create and implement creative marketing strategies
  • Understand your competitors and market threats
  • Strategic marketing plans aimed at achieving results
  • Identify opportunities
  • Design marketing collateral
  • Expand into new markets
  • Strengthen your company's culture
  • Train your staff in the best way to sell and market your brand
  • Represent your business at events to develop contacts and business
  • Create CEU classes and workshops to attract referral sources


Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Senior Living Marketing Specialist


When I work with you as a small business marketing consultant, I want you to think of me as a partner. We will sit down together and have a good discussion on what is going well, and what isn't.  What worked in the past for you, and what didn't.  I will review your practices, help you create an effective strategy, and work personally hands on with you and your team until you succeed and start receiving referrals.  

As your partner, I will:

  • personally accompany you or your marketer on outreach visits, to train, coach and help you become more comfortable with selling and marketing your business

  • train you in the best practices for effectively selling and marketing in this specific industry

  • coach and support you in feeling more comfortable and confident in selling and business development

  • teach you how to strategically compete in the senior housing and healthcare industry

  • create and manage your social media pages, and post original content to increase your brand awareness

                   WHO ARE MY CLIENTS?

Clients who reach out to me are either in a start up mode or established and either under performing or looking to expand. Clients range from medical providers and senior housing operators to organizations and service providers.  I even have clients outside the healthcare industry. 


Senior Living Marketing Consulting

Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Senior Living Marketing Specialist

Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Senior Living Marketing Specialist

Why It's Important to Work with a Professional Senior Living Marketing Specialist


Marketing and selling in the healthcare and senior housing industry is challenging, and requires both sales expertise and compassion.  You need someone who has spent time "in the trenches" and understands this very specific industry.  

Business Development is an important part of marketing in this industry, and is all about the relationships you form and nurture.  Strategic partnerships are critical when redeveloping, growing or expanding your business.  Exposure is necessary to get your brand "out there".

Throughout my career in healthcare, home care and senior living, I've developed strong relationships with professionals in the industry, providing healthcare and senior living consulting. Many of these people do not work in offices or are difficult for the average business owner or marketer to reach. 

Because of my corporate training as a Director of Sales with nationwide assisted living companies and my own experience, I've developed unique techniques to get in front of the decision makers, navigate the industry, create partnerships and alliances, and learned how to create a solid referral source based on mutual respect and referrals.  I've worked my way up the ladder from a home care aide, to dementia activities coordinator, to a Director of Sales and Regional Director of Sales and Marketing. 

Understanding marketing strategies and how they all tie into this industry is crucial to the success of a senior industry company. I will teach you how to do it, and will help you think more creatively, in ways you may never have thought of.